LASIK Surgery Recovery: Long-term Success through Eye Care Tips

Correcting vision with LASIK surgery is very popular, as it abolishes keeping glasses or using contact lenses. Hence, post-operative care after that procedure becomes very important for healing optimally and achieving long-term success. Proper care after lasik eye surgery contributes greatly to optimal healing and long-term vision success. Here are the five vital tips that will help in taking care of your eyes after LASIK surgery:

Observe Instructions Post-operative Given by Your Surgeon

Immediately after the LASIK surgery, your doctor is going to give you all the post-operative instructions to the best of their meanings for general healing and reduction in complications. Use medicated eye drops at certain periods of the day for preventing infection, and inflammation, and to moisturize the eyes. Use according to schedule and dosage. Do not rub or even touch your eyes. You may shift the corneal flap that was made during your surgery because of which you may incur long-term healing issues. 

Keeping the Environment Clean

Right from the initial days after LASIK surgery, ensure that you are exposing a sterile environment for your eyes. Take these sanitary precautions. It is advisable not to swim or sit in hot tubs for at least two weeks after surgery, as this will help protect you from many bacteria and other chemicals. The eyes take some time to recover and readjust the vision after a LASIK surgery. To help yourself through this process and not put an extra strain on it. If you spend too much time in front of the computer or have to focus too much on some task, then after every 20 minutes, rest your eyes by looking away from the screen or closing your eyes.

Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up after surgery with your surgeon is of the essence to monitor healing and be certain of the success of your LASIK surgery. At these appointments, your surgeon will come to see how your eyes are faring, especially if there’s some complication or dryness, and follow up with treatment as required. Make these opportunities count by explaining to him any type of discomfort, changes in vision, or simply other questions that you may have regarding your recovery process. This includes regular eye exams to facilitate the early detection of potential problems and ensure general eye health.

Develop Healthy Habits for Lasting Eye Health

On the whole, apart from immediate and short-term post-operative care, developing healthy habits is that which can help in maintaining the resultant Changes of LASIK surgery and overall eye health. With ultraviolet rays working to their full potential, wear protective sunglasses whenever out in the sun. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water, so the body gets good hydration, and along with it, hydrate the eyes. This may give protection against the symptoms of dry eyes.


Proper post-operative care after LASIK surgery is the essence of long-term success, from what your eyes look like right after and during the recovery phase, to keeping the environment clean, resting one’s eyes, courting habits for health, and providing follow-up appointments. This becomes that critical component, which has the potential to drastically affect the overall results of LASIK surgery and drives one toward realizing the full benefits of this life-changing procedure.